Thursday, June 30, 2011

Are You Mobilized? Elements Magazine - Issue 002

Mobility––itʼs something we read about every day. Now if this was three years ago, this is exactly the phrase I would use to kick off our second issue of Elements7 Magazine. However, itʼs 2011 and what I really mean is: Mobility––itʼs something we live with every day.
The reality is that if you are serious about business then you must remain connected constantly. Good or bad, being connected 24 hours a day to clients, colleagues, and data is imperative if your business model is to survive and grow.

The concept of downtime has, in may ways, become a thing of the past; however at the same time our limitless freedom supplied by the intrinsic nature of these devices (if managed appropriately) can mean better business and a better overall quality of life.

That said, if we are to remain connected to everyone and everything, we also have to take into consideration the ramifications that accompany that freedom and power. There is the obvious one–– security. With all these new mobile devices being introduced into the consumer space, itʼs difficult to determine what is and what isnʼt appropriate for business use.

Then, of course, comes the connectivity itself. Can you accurately manage contacts and data without third- party apps in the mix? Or, in some cases, can you pull yourself or your employees away from those third- party apps that have nothing to do with business? All questions that need to be answered and accounted for by senior management, IT staff, personnel, and even legal counsel.

I will leave these questions and more to be answered by the tremendous articles we have in this issue. Now, if youʼll excuse me, I need to get back to my mobile device to check out whatʼs happening on Facebook.

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Sincerely, Larry Poirier
Chief Executive Officer
Nitro IT Business Solutions

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