Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Associations' Issue: Elements Magazine - Issue 005

Spring—The time of year that represents rebirth, that presents opportunities to grow and to build something new. These sentiments fill the air at Nitro, everyone has so many new and wonderful things to share with their clients.

First, this year itʼs our 25th anniversary. I may sound cliché, but it truly does seem as though it was just yesterday that we were opening our doors for business. Over the past 25 years, the business world has seen many ups and downs, but at Nitro we have always weathered the storms—regardless of whatʼs been thrown at us, weʼve come out on top. Thanks to you, we have been highly successful.

I attribute part of our success to our flexibility, our adaptability; we always strive to deliver unrivaled products and services, concentrating on what will help our clients achieve their goals and objectives. This is what weʼve striven to achieve over the past 25 years; this is what has made us into one of Ottawaʼs most successful companies.

And, of course, thereʼs our recent acquisition. As you may have heard, we have been acquired by TUC Brands, an investment firm headquartered in Ottawa thatʼs focused on the managed IT services and cloud computing industry.

Although acquired, we will remain as our own entity while operating as a wholly-owned subsidiary of TUC Brands. The acquisition will mean substantial growth for Nitro, including a drastic expansion of our professional services team—a tremendous advantage for our clients.

The combination of our two companies will provide clients with a greatly enhanced Help Desk, improved efficiencies, and upgraded support—weʼll have additional highly trained support personnel and a multitude of new tools to assist our clients.

Thus, as you can see, spring is certainly here at Nitro. With new highly-trained personnel, and a focus on Managed Services, we are poised for decades of growth. We are all incredibly busy–– and are all immensely excited about the future of Nitro.

Now itʼs time to plan our 25th Anniversary Party—and to thank everyone who has helped to make Nitro the success it is today.

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Larry Poirier
Chief Executive Officer
Nitro IT Business Solutions

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